Friday, March 5, 2010

64/365: Friday night shopping

64/365: Friday night shopping
March 5th

I went to town today to pass my Donald Duck comic books on to someone who'll still get a good read out of them, and also to buy my mother a birthday present: the Julie&Julia DVD. For once she was clear about what she wanted!

This is the reflection on the inside of the Złote Tarasy shopping centre glass roof; people walking in, walking out. And outside, across the street, the Marriott hotel. When I was small and we were still socialist, the Marriott was one of the few places in Warsaw where you could buy products from the West- and you had to pay in dollars. To this day whenever I walk into a Marriott I feel like I'm trespassing in El Dorado.

Twenty years later we have more shopping centres than we need. This one is called Złote Tarasy, which means "Golden Terraces" and comes from the name of the street it is built on: Złota, or Golden Street. This is a daylight view of the glass roof from the inside:

12/366: The Blob from inside

And from the outside:

133/365: Mountaineers

Incidentally the picture above is one of the last two photos my Eos 350D took before it died completely. I shoot with a 40D now and I am starting to consider setting up a special 'rainy day' fund just in case it should explode from all the photos I'm taking with it. I have a film camera, and love shooting on film because the textures are amaxing but I just can't afford the developing.

Anyway, it turns out the only full picture of this shopping centre I have is actually a drawing:

Złote Tarasy

It's a weird looking thing, innit? I call it The Blob.

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  1. I spent 1 month in 2008 at the university of Warsaw to learn Polish. Złoty terasy was one of the places we hung out a lot! You really captured it!


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