Thursday, March 4, 2010

63/365: Birches in Arkadia

63/365: Birches in Arkadia
63/365: Birches in Arkadia, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.

March 4th

I've already put a picture of birchwood in my 365 this year, but the sun was so fantastic today I just had to do it again. Spring is coming. Despite this sunny proof there is no doubt we will have snow again this March, as previous years have proven, somewhere towards the end of the month. My mother tells me it was snowing on my birthday, 27 years ago, and my birthday is in March.

There is a saying that goes "W marcu jak w garncu", and I call upon it every year: it means "March is like a pot of broth", ergo there will be sunshine in March, and snow, and rains, and whatever you please save any semblance of meteorological sanity. Furthermore there will be no respite come April, as folk wisdom gives that month just as bad a reputation: "Kwiecień, plecień, bo przeplata, trochę zimy, trochę lata", which in English renders: "April weaves summer and winter together."

In any case, it is nice to see some sunshine, and the birches look their best when bathed in it. The Silver Birch (Betula Pendula) is the most popular birch in Poland, and something of a symbol for that; whenever I see white bark I know I am home.

Here are some more. From January this year, birches in winter:

24/365: Goodnight, forest

A birch in autumn:

High up

Birches in spring:

The forest begins

And birches in summer:


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  1. You put my feeling about white bark into words :) there is something so peaceful in birch trees for me....


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