Tuesday, March 2, 2010

60/365: My dad's 75th birthday

60/365: My dad's 75th birthday
March 1st

This year, my dad told my mum: "Let's not invite anyone. We'll see who shows up."

Well, about thirty people passed that test. :D It's a good thing we prepared some food just in case. ;)

I could say a lot about my dad (that's him in the centre of the photo). I could tell you he's a poet, a writer, an author of musicals and songs, a man with a hundred stories to tell. I could link you to his poetry- but most of it is in Polish. Instead I am going to give you a tiny little glimpse of how he celebrated his birthday last year.

And more photos from this year's most excellent party follow:

75th birthday party

My sister lights the candles on the cake as my mother tries not to get burned- and dad's great-grandson, who is exactly 70 years and one day younger than him, looks on.

75th birthday party

Dad singing 'Happy Birthday' for my mother- whose birthday is on March 6th.

75th birthday party

Saying hello to the youngest in our family, his great-granddaughter who is just eight months old.:) By the way, the hat was a gift, and dad liked it so much he refused to take it off all evening.


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