Sunday, February 28, 2010

58/365: The website

58/365: The website
58/365: The website, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.
February 27th

I finally finished reworking my dad's website from ugly, table-based html 4.0 (sic!! it was really old...) to a lovely and easily updateable mix of php, css and mysql. My dad turns 75 this monday, and his skills with the computer are rudimentary at best, so it was somewhat of a challenge to make him understand just why this new website is so much better and easier to update. I finally ended up saying "Adding anything to the old website was like woodblock printing. This is like movable type."

He understood that analogy :)

Here he is in the photo with my mum, looking at the site. He even promised to start writing articles for it again. I'm pleased.

A dla polskich czytelników informacja: pojutrze urodziny Brylla, nowa strona ruszyła dziś, i będzie od tej pory działać na zasadzie bloga. Kto chce posłuchać prawdziwych (nie takich licealno-czyściutkich) opowieści o tym jak hulali poeci i artyści w latach 60 ubiegłego wieku...zapraszam do czytania 'Zapisków'. Będzie wesoło.

 A, no i Bryll jest także na Facebooku. Zostań fanem!


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