Thursday, February 11, 2010

41/365: The Birds

41/365: The Birds
41/365: The Birds, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.

February 10th

The talented princess in the photo is my college roommate, turned post-college flatmate, now the author of her own animated short feature. Students make one at the end of each university year, but the last one, the diploma and often public debut, is the most important. Coupled with a written thesis it completes the graduation process and, if good enough, earns one the title of Master of the Arts.

Marta will pass with flying colours, I'm sure. The can she is holding in her hands contains a 35mm copy of her masterpiece. You should go watch the trailer at her website; the film is called "The Birds" and from what I have seen it follows the creepy traditions of Hitchcock, Gorey, Poe, and good old black humour. She won't let me see the whole thing until the premiere. Artists, sheesh...

This picture is itself an out-take; she needed a shot of herself to use for a thank-you card to send to the people who helped her make The Birds. A lot of hard work went into this film. I really hope it does well.

If you're not yet enticed, here is a still from the film:

Do check it out, and leave comments here if you like it! She will be thrilled to hear your opinions. :)


  1. The link to the website's not working or me here, either. This still is intriguing.

  2. Try it now? I rewrote it just in case...thought I had it right but I must have done something wrong.


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