Tuesday, February 16, 2010

46/365: Someday I will have real shelves

46/365: Someday I will have real shelves
February 15th

Another day at home. My knee doesn't hurt so badly that I can't walk but I want to give it as much rest as possible by staying home. I don't want the spring bike season to find me with an injury!
6/365: My roomsypialnia1.jpg363/366: My place
Anyway, this is yet another last-minute photograph of my place. I recently rearranged my sparse furniture and got rid of some junk and now I have, shock-horror, free space on my bookshelves (there is a third bookshelf on the other side of the room, behind the camera). I love books. These are almost all of the ones I bought myself, some which were lent or given to me, plus quite a lot of my childhood books.There are several hundred more of those back at my parents' house and it will be a long time before I move them all. I don't have a car- I've been moving over to this apartment via train for the last four years. (see how the room has changed over the years in the photos on the left)

Anyway, to paraphrase Terry Pratchett, a person who has enough shelf-space for all their books is not worth talking to. Ergo, I need more books.

Unfortunately, I'm unemployed right now, so I am trying to read what I have before buying any more. Right now I am very slowly making my way through J.M. Roberts' 'Short History of the World'.


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