Thursday, February 25, 2010

56/365: Sad pigeon

56/365: Sad pigeon
56/365: Sad pigeon, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.
February 25th

He was huddled against the wall, though it is not at all cold today. Maybe he was sick- maybe he was just feeling gloomy. He had very pretty colours.

The rest of the post comes with apologies to Piotrek, I know how much you hate pigeons.

Though there may be some disagreement on the difference between a pigeon and a dove, the terms are used interchangeably, except where romance is involved. In those cases the bird is always a dove- you would not want a hundred white pigeons released on your wedding day, would you?


The fact is they are both Columbidae, and all of their species prove to be prodigious excreters, regardless of the colour of their plumage.

By sheer numbers the Columba livia domestica
takes first place in the ranks of nuisance; interbreeding with wild and domestic species this feral bird has well earned its conservation status of 'Least Concern'. I've heard people call the city doves 'winged rats'. They're filthy, messy, carry diseases, and nest in any available urban crevice. They are noisy in spring.

For all that, they have a certain charm. What would any great city square be without its pigeon population? A lot cleaner, one might say, but also a great deal less vibrant. What would old town cobblestone be without the cluck and flutter that so preoccupies tourists of all ages? What would city skies be like without these birds, so resilient to pollution and adapting perfectly to our rough, urban environment?

London Pigeons

267/365: Cracow

I like pigeons. The grey ones, the dappled ones, the ill ones with only one leg left. I don't really mind that they poop, if they coo as well, I don't mind if they fly at me, if they do so when I'm taking a picture. Feral animals in cities can be a nuisance and a health hazard, but if they were to disappear, a great deal of character would leave the city right along with them.

336/365: Wings


  1. Wonderful photos!

    I grew up with city pigeons and don't see so many here in the country. Here the main "pest" bird is the bluejay, who takes food away from other birds, and the seagulls who fill the big box store parking lots and eat all the garbage there. The only pigeons I see here are the ones people raise on purpose, to show, as homing pigions, and/or possibly to eat. I see them displayed at the county fair, and a neighbor had some homing ones a few years back.

  2. Przed dzisiejszymi zajęciami, wyszedłem na taras w pracowni 217. Kiedy kończyłem palić, moim oczom ukazał "odpoczywający" przy popielniczce gołąb. Jak się zrobi cieplej to zacznie śmierdzieć.
    Jak ja tych ścierw nienawidzę!

  3. Dlategóż, drogi Piotrze, umieściłam we wpisie przeprosiny do Ciebie adresowane. :)

  4. Właśnie przez przypadek trafiłem na filmik, który rzuca nowe światło na te latające szczury

  5. Buahahaa fantastyczny. Ciekawe, czy jechał na gapę...

  6. One of my fondest memories of Croatia is lounging in the spring sun, the pidgeons calmly pecking away in the middle of the square until.... a kid comes along and runs right into the pidgeons causing them all to fly in a flury... perfection :)


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