Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5/365: The hook latch of carefree nudity

5/365: The hook latch of carefree nudity

January 5th

Home improvement. The bathroom door never closed properly, but recently it started springing open of its own accord, and turning the key doesn't help at all. In order to avoid awkward naked moments, I installed a hook latch.


  1. Umm... is that Calvin?
    It is the best'est! and it makes me want to make some home improvements to of my own. I think maybe even start some city wide/world wide improvements might be in order :)


  2. Antek? THE Antek? :P Which Antek?

    It's not Calvin...or else, Calvin in his's just a doodle. Come on, if I wanted to draw Calvin I'd do a better job!


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