Sunday, April 24, 2011

113/365: Family and assorted friends

113/365: Family and assorted friends
April 23rd

From left to right: Marcin, the Porzeziński Family (note Tosia hiding in the background), my dad, my mum, my sister and her boyfriend, imported from Barcelona.

In the photo, they are all standing by the Dominican Order Church, with their Easter Baskets in hand. Every year on Good Saturday, we take baskets filled with samples of the Easter meal to church where a priest blesses them:

Blessing the food

They're a symbol of all the food that will be on our table that year. It's like saying grace before a meal, but with a long-term warranty.

Afterwards we go look at the grave in the church (where I don't take photos because people are praying) and then we fill a bottle with holy water from a barrel set out on the church steps:

Holy water

Oh, and here's a bonus. My sister has a new boyfriend- David from Barcelona. Here they are in real life....

My sister and her boyfriend

...and in egg form.

My sister and her boyfriend

I am told he painted her and she painted him.


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