Sunday, April 3, 2011

92/365: Graveyard Votives for JP2

92/365: Graveyard Votives for JP2

April 2nd

Pope John Paul II died six years ago at 9:37 p.m. , and every year since the anniversary is celebrated solemnly across Poland. These are graveyard votives placed at the foot of a statue of JP2 by the Lodz Archcathedral. Hundreds of people gathered there tonight to light candles and pray.

This year is particularly special as in May, the late Pope will be canonised- he will become a Saint. Saints are extremely important for Catholics as they act as a medium between the faithful and God- now people will be able to go to Church and ask John Paul II to appeal to God on their behalf. It is also comforting for many to have 'one of our own' join the saintly ranks. John Paul II was loved in Poland, not only as a Pope but as our devoted kinsman, a mentor to many generations, an accomplished poet and philosopher, and our champion in the free world. Perhaps most notably for Poland, he made great efforts to make the West aware of the situation behind the Iron Curtain, and his work helped bring an end to communism and the Soviet command in our country.

White tulips

Flowers for JP2

JP2 statue by the Lodz Archcathedral


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