Saturday, January 1, 2011

365/365: Waiting for the New Year

365/365: Waiting for the New Year
December 31st

I went up on the Rudzka Góra, an artificial mound which is the highest point in Lodz, and waited for the New Year. I was alone, at first, but then suddenly half the town showed up, and they must have all been very drunk to have made it up the steep, slippery, snowy slope in their dress shoes and high heels. I applaud the precaution of those who carried sleds, to make the descent easier.

By the way, this is my last photo of Project 365 2010. I am doing it again, a fifth time, in 2011. Will you join me?

I'll write something about that later, after I take a New Year Nap, but meanwhile here is a link to my post from last year which explains Why You Should Totally Do It.


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