Saturday, May 8, 2010

128/365: A pond full of tadpoles

128/365: A pond full of tadpoles
May 8th

It was sunny and wonderful today, so we went on a spontaneous bike ride to the forest in Łagiewniki. I wrote about this forest before on my blog, but that was in winter.

This pond is just beyond the forester's house. It was very quiet and still, but I bet there was lots going on under the surface.

More photos: one of the larger ponds...

Upside down forest

The artificial lake in Arturówek:


The chapels of St. Roch (background) and St. Anthony. It is said that in 1675 Saint Anthony himself appeared before a humble local carpenter and asked him to build him a chapel.

Chapels in Łagiewniki

And here are the twins:

The twins


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