Saturday, May 8, 2010

127/365: Evening games

127/365: Evening games
127/365: Evening games, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.
May 7th

Marta is covering her ears because Konrad is about to put his knife through a can of fudge. We wanted to spread it on the wafers we were eating as we played a game, which for lack of imagination we call 'post-it notes'. The idea is you write the name of a famous individual on a piece of adhesive notepaper and stick it onto your neighbour's forehead; they must then ask the group questions to figure out who they are. Only yes and no answers are allowed. If you get a yes, you ask another question, if you get a no, the next person gets a turn. And it is much more entertaining when everyone's had a bit to drink.

I believe in this round we had Lady Di, Gorbatschov, and John Paul II.


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