Wednesday, December 8, 2010

339/365: Radesh and Zulka help make the Christmas gifts

338/365: Radesh and Zulka help make the Christmas gifts
December 5th

They also write emails with their butts. I was in the kitchen earlier and suddenly the error beep on my computer went off like a siren, over and over and over. Yeah, someone was trying to sleep on the keyboard.

Oh, and that's the nightlight I made. It will go to my grand-niece. She's only one, so it may take a few years before she appreciates this, but with any luck it will give her a nice childhood memory.

Here is a full view:

Robin box

And here is a closeup:

Winter nightlight

It's meant to go on the wall, like so:

Nightlight on the wall

And here's a post about the ones I made last year:


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