Tuesday, August 24, 2010

212/365: My neighbourhood

212/365: My neighbourhood
212/365: My neighbourhood, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.
July 31st

Particularly glorious in the sunshine. You can get anything you want on that corner- there's a daily market with everything from bread and eggs to beef and eggplants, there's a confectioner, a bakery, three tanning salons, six florists, a butcher shop, two pharmacies, two herbal remedy stores, two Asian take-aways, a watchmaker, a bookmaker, three 24h liquor stores, two electric supply shops, a gardening store, a fake flower shop, a scrap metal buyer, two cobblers, a photo print shop, a second-hand clothes shop, a jeans store, a discount tchotchke shop, and four or five little grocery stores which somehow still hold on despite the raging competition.

I love living here.


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