Friday, December 24, 2010

355/365: Christmas tree

355/365: Christmas tree
355/365: Christmas tree, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.
December 21st

Christmas trees are my job. When I was eight and we lived in the embassy, we had a fake one to save on cleanup, and it was my job to put it together. Then we went home- for a while, it was dad and me getting the trees together, but ever since he stopped driving and then sold the car, the task is all mine. I don't drive either, though...

When it snows, we don't ask anyone for a ride, I just go through the plot gardens and down to the skating rink with my sled:

355/365: Thank goodness for snow

They sell trees there every year. I bring it home...I set it up. I put the lights on. It stays like that for a day or so, and then we decorate it fully.

Then I go out three more times to get a second tree for the living room, and a couple big boughs of mistletoe. It's an exhausting tradition, but also a matter of pride.

(and it gets me away long enough not to have to do any of the stuff I really dislike, like helping with cooking and cleaning. I'd rather carry trees, thanks.)


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