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154/365: Jan in the forest

154/365: Jan in the forest
154/365: Jan in the forest, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.
June 3rd

Remember Łowicz? I went there three years ago to take pictures of the Corpus Christi procession. Since I am working with quite a few foreigners this year, I managed to convince a few of them to a half-bike trip that Thursday; meaning we would take a train to Skierniewice, bike to Łowicz through the Bolimowska primeval forest, then return the same way. 

Green among the trees

The little world

We ended up with about 60 km total, riding easy and stopping where and when we pleased. It was a wonderful break from the daily heat and turmoil of our workplace.



Kaasha, the King of the Forest.

The procession and holiday itself is a Catholic thing and I will direct you to the Wikipedia entry for more information (one of my photos illustrates it), but interesting for the non-religious types too because of the traditional folk costumes the people of the region wear. I'm not even sure any of my group were into religion and they all enjoyed themselves. 

Corpus Christi procession

Corpus Christi procession

I think they liked how quaint it all was- the ragged train ride, the deep forest, the pastoral countryside and finally the colourful display of folklore. Poland may not be the most modern country in the world, but I see that as one of its great assets.

Kim and the horse


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