Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poland is Awesome, or why this blog has no posts.

Okay, so this is what happened.

I went for a very long bike ride.

I was exhausted and had too many photos to take care of all at once.

Then, many other things happened. I got a job, I lost a job, I got sick, I got better. And last week I decided that I wasn't having fun with project 365 anymore. So, I gave it up. Four years and three quarters is quite enough!

I still take a lot of pictures, but I don't take them every day anymore. That's all that changed.

The bigger news is that I've started a hobby blog which I hope will turn into a professional portal some day. It's called Poland is Awesome:

It will contain all my stories and photos from my travels around the country, written with extra attention to detail and interesting facts and anecdotes. If you enjoyed learning a little bit about my country while you were reading this blog, then you should like Poland is Awesome. It's a light, fluffy blog, aimed at foreigners, in particular Western ones, who may be completely unaware of just how many awesome things one can see and do in Poland.

So, come and visit! Subscribe! Read! Comment! Ask questions! Learn crazy Polish words and idioms!

The latest post is about All Souls' Day, which is the day when the cemeteries are open well past sundown. Oh, and did I mention there are lots of pretty photos?


Go check it out!


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