Tuesday, March 1, 2011

60/365: Not 77

60/365: Not 77
60/365: Not 77, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.
March 1st

This morning, at breakfast, dad suddenly stopped eating, his face frozen in an expression of shock.

"Wait...wait a minute. It's not 2012 yet! I'm...I'm only seventy-six years old today!"

Well, true. But we didn't have any other candles.

The cake was made by my mum and was a big hit. It's flourless- all ground nuts to make the base. And the cream is coffee.

Oooh, look, cake!


There was also some singing by Marcin and Orzełek.

Marcin plays guitar

Orzełek and Marcin tune their instruments

And it wouldn't have been a proper birthday without Dad giving numerous speeches:



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