Wednesday, November 17, 2010

302/365: Safety first

302/365: Safety first

302/365: Safety first, originally uploaded by Magic Madzik.
October 29th

This is part of a sign painted on the wall at work. The space we were in used to be a large textile factory, and in the heydays of the People's Republic, motivational slogans were a favourite form of expression for the authorities and their pencil-pushing minions. This large mural proclaims the wonders of portable fire extinguishers, and warns factory workers against carelessness, which can lead to the loss of "our common goods". Because everything was common in the Eastern Bloc of the sixties.

A few more images from work...

No work

The sign (sin addendum) was supposed to hang in the main hallway and prohibit using spray paint in that area, but the art department decided it fit better in their workshop.

To explain, 'Bez pracy nie ma kołaczy' is a Polish proverb meaning, literally: without work, there will be no bread. Kołacz is an archaic, disused word for a loaf of bread; more precisely: a large, flat, egg-based loaf which the ancient Slavs used in their pagan rituals. The word is derived from 'koło', which means 'wheel', and refers to the round shape of the bread. Nowadays, we would only use it to describe a ceremonial loaf, such as one used at a wedding or other important feast.


And those are just fake poppies scavenged from the art department, sitting on the windowsill of the riggers' corner.


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