Wednesday, June 15, 2011

166/365: Waffles of the Eclipse

166/365: Waffles of the Eclipse
June 15th

We didn't see the moon at all, but the waffles were yummy. (in this photo: Kasia and Antek)
We used my paternal grandmother Helena's (may she rest in peace) famous waffle iron, a German-made relic from my childhood and unbeatable versus the weakling low-watt teflon irons of today. :P

Grandma Helena's waffle iron

Then we sat on the roof waiting for the eclipse, but we saw nothing. Clouds!!!

Waiting for the sunset

Oh, and I got a haircut that morning. Haircuts, much like bike rides and waffles, also help against a bad mood. Quod erat illustrandum:

Haircut day

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  1. Kurczę, gdzie w Łodzi można sobie tak na dachu na hamaku? Świętna sprawa (marzy). W czasie sesji i pisania teorii na mgr to by się chciało chociaż na trawie poleżeć, a tu taki luksus! :) pozdrawiam

    p.s. Uwielbiam komiksy w takim stylu.


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